Baltimore Buzz: Ottobar's Pretty in Pink 2010

Far be it from a Baltimorean to turn down a party. There's just something about the opportunity to dance, drink, and startle our eardrums that gets a Marylander's blood running, and Texas is no exception. That's why she and Coda are pioneering a new feature for your blog viewing pleasure:

Baltimore Buzz
(a.k.a. So What'd You Do Last Night?)

First up on So What'd You Do Last Night: the immensely enjoyable Ottobar 2010 Pretty in Pink Prom: a night of 80's-themed festivities, including an on-point DJ, a dressed-to-impress crowd, and a rack of hilarious decorations. In true modern girl fashion, Tex went with a fellow Baltimore blogger, one of the writers of Two Dilettantes. Although I couldn't dream of outdressing that fashionable fox, I did my best (pics below).

We also drank delish drinks (although we passed on the spiked punch - hits too close to hipster for my tastes), saw an amazing Michael Jackson impersonator, and just generally had a good time with the adorable and fun crowd! Definitely a recommendation for next year - plus corsage and plus 80's prom date.

Oh, and upcoming Baltimore Buzz:

[Sunday, May 30 @ 6pm] Crabs-on-the-Lawn lunch at the Mandarin Oriental (thanks, UrbanDaddy!). Not quite Baltimore, but since it's Memorial Day Weekend, we'll make an exception for our D.C. bretheren. It's still not too late to get reservations, and if you go, Tex'll see you there.


Ashley said…
like, so totally fun! :)

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