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[music] makes the world go 'round...

Being blessed as I am with the attention span of a gnat, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I spend about half the time I’m supposed to devote to Kant and Kuhn searching for new music or impossible to find songs that I heard once about six years ago. Lucky for me the internet is around.

When in search of new music I head for pure volume.

Pure volume took over where the now defunct left off, giving both signed and unsigned bands a chance to be seen and heard. Bands can make a page and give as much or as little information about themselves as they want, most add music, and some even link to their personal websites or their iTunes site. Best of all the search feature is easy to use and there are a plethora of charts, videos, tour dates, and new album listings, making browsing effortless.

Or maybe you’ve been looking for an album by an unsigned/foreign/long broken up band? Check out

I know, I know, it sounds like the only thing you’ll be finding on a place c…

Texas' Truck Stop Drinks: Lesson #1

Babies, Texas done gone and mixed her up some alkyhol. And because she is a generous type, she's going to share the recipe with you. Now, keep in mind, this is a drink only for the classiest among you; it is an elementary recipe, but one guaranteed to rattle your tastebuds. Get prepared for episode one of Truck Stop Bartender, featuring...

The Paternity Test! (working title)

Oh, yeaaaahhh.....

Alls you gotta do is take one part Orange Fanta and slap it in the face with one part Mogen David (or a substitute of comparable quality) Blackberry Wine and bam, baby. There it is. I'll be taking name suggestions.

+ = awesome.

Yes, We Can

Do I even need words?

Congratulations! It's a ballot!

We here at TCKiT know that if there's one thing the American public loves, it's responsibility. No, seriously - you better love it. And if you don't, you better take two shots of rojo, paste on your best botox smile, and tell it you think you're ready to move in together. Because baby, it's time.

That said, check out the following three links to get a better handle on the gorgeous little bundle of HANDLE IT that's about to come screaming into the world exactly 9 months from right now.

Start with VA Joe's Candidate Calculator to get a handle on who you even like.

Answer a series of (fairly) simple questions and get at least an idea of who you'd like, custom made while you wait!

Then hop on over to MPR's Select A Candidate to get a second opinion. (Yes, that's MPR, not NPR, you pedantic jackholes.)

After you are done there, hit up 270 to Win, where you can get an immediate visual and check to see if your pony (party) is ahead.

And last, but not least …