Home is where you hide your booze.

Well, lovelies, Tex has got some very big news for you. Can you -- oh, forget it, everyone hates guessing games.

I bought a house! Here in the lovely little 'burb of North Carolina* that I'm obliged to call home for the next three years, your ol' girl Tex has just picked up her very own piece of local real estate.

Now, Tex's house is coming into my life the way so many good things have: suddenly, cheaply, with absolutely no preparation, and completely naked.

So that means I've got to pick out everything: house numbers, fixtures, paint colors, exactly what vague shape I should place in my window to creep out my neighbors -- the works!

Now, Tex and Coda are deeply unqualified to do this kind of delicate work. So we've sought a little help from our friends.

My Scandinavian Home is a collection of profiles of beautiful homes in the classic and modern Scandinavian styles.

Sheepskins, modernist furniture, and tiny frightened plants barely holding ground against the al…

future sound

Well, I think we can all agree that telling you beautiful people we're 'finally reliable bloggers' is a bad idea. It only brings misery and neglect. Kind of like that time Tex got all noble and left me at the mercy of Dead Rise and Full House reruns.

Speaking of Full House, allow me to introduce you to Full House Reviewed.

A labor of hate, Herculean in its magnitude, Full House Reviewed is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: every episode of Full House reviewed in order. By a man who hates the show. It's hysterical, it's eye-opening (seriously, how did I fail to notice that Michelle is a tiny little dictator?), and it's well worth your time. The best news is that the fun doesn't have to stop once you're finished with the Full House recaps because Billy Superstar is still at it with Saved By the Bell Reviewed - same great entertainment, half the hate.

All that Full House talk got you jonesing for a Tanner family marathon? Totally understandable. Unf…

Let's get pretty.

Well, children, it's been a while. Tex has been very busy wearing black-rimmed glasses, frowning at powerpoint slides in mostly-white rooms, and buying lots of economy fare tickets to San Francisco (these activities are collectively and laughably known as "founding a startup"). But that's all settled now. The lawyers have gone home and Tex can dedicate her full attention to you, Cutty darling.

So we're going to get pretty.

First stop is London, to visit Shirley's Wardrobe.

An offensively beautiful collection of clothes you'd probably look ridiculous wearing (what are those puffy coats even made of?!), it's nonetheless aesthetic inspiration for the city-chic chick. If nothing else, it will remind you to keep your eyebrows plucked.

So with our wardrobe in order, we'll traipse along to visit Sarah, an old friend of Mummy's whose love letter to the world at large is Note to Self.
Beautiful clothes, beautiful notes, beautiful desks, and beautifully…
Our broken hearts go out to Kenya today.

Tex's Truck Stop Drinks: Lesson #4


tomorrow will be kinder


only in america

As you've undoubtedly gathered by this time, 2012 is an election year. And not even one of those total nonentity midterm election years.* It's a biggie. The Oval Office is up for grabs. In two days. So I've put together an extensive, if not comprehensive, post to help you navigate (and enjoy) the 2012 general elections. Be you decided in your choice or not.
*Totally kidding. All elections are important. know...if you have to choose...don't be apathetic now.

Now Tex and I are admittedly a bit biased, but since we accept that not everyone has the same opinions we do, I'd like to direct your attention to I Side With.

I Side With lets you take a detailed political quiz and compares your stated views to those of the candidates running for President. Your results might end up surprising you (though mine didn't). And they might help you undecided voters know your own minds. I Side With also allows you to compare candidates to one another and has a very informa…