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i feel home

I don't know who's running the PR machine for Take Ivy's first English language run, but who ever it is, she's certainly taking her job seriously. The press this book has been getting is out of control (I could probably link you to 10 mentions here and now without batting an eye) and it's been irritating inspiring us here at TCKiT to no end. So much so, in fact, that I've decided to hold off on buying that third pair of Sperrys to devote a little time to a post on the best of the best in recklessly preppy internet.

Though pesky concepts like 'copyright infringement' and 'intellectual property laws' have kept tongue-in-cheek masterpiece The Official Preppy Handbook from being posted online, you can still head over to Off the Cuff's discussion of Classic v Preppy for a concise style primer. Or just browse the blog itself for brand profiles, styling advice, and some exceptionally well written pieces on classic style in the modern world. If, how…