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Invite Only

OK, so it's been way too long since I last updated this site, and I have been informed by Duckie that without it, the world has been angry and cold. So here you go, a little something to make you feel extra-special on this (not here, but probably where you are) snowy Friday.

First up:

I got Hulu about two weeks ago, and I have been on it nonstop since. It's like all you see or sidereel - a site where you can watch full episodes of TV shows online - but it's awesome and better. Actually, it's worse, in the fact that there are occasional commercials in these (they're short), but it's better in that it's legit, it's easy, and it's really great quality. Go to the site, sign up for the beta, and in about two weeks you'll get an email telling you it's time to join. A bit of a wait, but totally worth it.


HauteLook is a clever site with an only semi-clever name. It's an invite-only online sample sale site, and unless I hate you or you hate fa…