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OK, so it's been way too long since I last updated this site, and I have been informed by Duckie that without it, the world has been angry and cold. So here you go, a little something to make you feel extra-special on this (not here, but probably where you are) snowy Friday.

First up:

I got Hulu about two weeks ago, and I have been on it nonstop since. It's like all you see or sidereel - a site where you can watch full episodes of TV shows online - but it's awesome and better. Actually, it's worse, in the fact that there are occasional commercials in these (they're short), but it's better in that it's legit, it's easy, and it's really great quality. Go to the site, sign up for the beta, and in about two weeks you'll get an email telling you it's time to join. A bit of a wait, but totally worth it.


HauteLook is a clever site with an only semi-clever name. It's an invite-only online sample sale site, and unless I hate you or you hate fashion, you've probably already got an invite in the email from me. If not, run over there, sign up, and get 'em while they're hot (and free).

After you are done, go to:

This is that online speed dating website I told y'all about. Well, I signed up, and I went on a WooDate, and it was actually a lot of fun! Being able to see someone talk and move and make weird facial expressions and eat hot-pockets are, it turns out, kind of important to the whole building-relationships human experience, and WooMe manages to make it fun, non-creepy, and very laid back. I recommend you join before a bunch of weirdos do. Although, actually, you can check out the photos of people in your WooMe session long before you're expected to actually show up, so you can screen for creepsters("uggos" sensu Duckie).

By now, you are probably really interested in creating a mixtape, to tell the world of your glory and famous pursuits. To do so, join up here:

And make the world do your happy dance!

Once your Super Hits Hanson/Wu-Tang/Hall and Oates mixtape hits the pop charts, you will probably want to broadcast it here:

It's a little unimaginative, the whole personal internet radio station thing, but Jango is particularly easy to use, accurate, and highly fun. You go. You go, Glen Coco.

By this point, your creative juices will probably be leaking all over the carpet. Why not let them fall onto some internet blank canvas and make yourself cool?

With DripBook, the coolest little online sketchpad on the net. Maybe you can post an entire portfolio of your Pollock Paintings and Lite-Brite landscapes here. Yeah, do it. Make yourself some hipster friends.

There'll be more to come, people, but this will be a two-part post. So Sayonara 'til then, suckers. I'm going out for Indian food.


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