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Comedy Blogs, Trains, and Aeroplanes (UPDATE: Trains and Aeroplanes no longer available.)

So somehow, between flings with exotic boytoys and international crime sprees, Coda and I managed to get a couple of jobs - hence the tragic decline in blog contributions. But never fear - nous sommes retournés.

Now, I'm not sure how I managed to utterly fail at my job here at TCKiT prior to today, but fail I have because I have not mentioned a blog so hilarious that it's artful:

Gabe Delahaye is the lead writer, emperor, etc. of Videogum, and not only is he the sort of handsome that is just ridiculous, but he's also hysterical. Honestly, sometimes Videogum (and its accompanying community of hysterical commenting monsters) are all that get me through the workday. Well, that and marshmallows. Sweet, sweet, precious marshmallows.

Anyway, for a straight shot of funny right to the vein, check out Gabe's recaps of popular TV shows, or his ongoing Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time. But don't let me confuse you - it's all good and it's all funny.

Now, speaking of t…