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Laughter is nature's f***ing candy.

Anyone who knows Coda & I knows that there are two things we love: Paternity Tests and laughter.

Which led us to compile the following list of sites: they're either funny or hilarious.
Get with the program.


In the Butt is a photography collection, a dynamic art piece, a representative performance of the collective - fuck it, it's vandalism. But hilarious vandalism. So it's OK. Here's the long and short of it: take a sticker that says IN THE BUTT and stick it in a hilarious place (stop signs are played out, kids), or use it to interrupt some heavy-handed corporate advertisement. What ensues? Hilarity. SFW hilarity.


Superdickery is a hilarious site collecting vintage and super-sketch strips, scenes, and covers from the Superman/Batman comic book franchise. Hilarious, and SFW if your boss has a sense of humor.


Debate raged about whether to include this site in this post, or to make it a Blog of the Month*. Fuck You, Penguin is an epic masterpiece of hilarit…