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with a little help from my friends

Kids, Tex and I have been doing you a great disservice all these years (actually I'm gonna go ahead and call it an irresponsibility, because I'd like to think that the service we provide is outstanding, if a little erratic) we've been writing a blog about fantastic websites for over four years and have never once included any run by our friends. Well that changes now, as we introduce you to some of our favorite blogs run by some of our favorite people.

You may recognize Two Dilettantes from their link in our sidebar, but if you've never given them a look before today you should.

Two Dilettantes is really almost a digital lookbook for our two painfully stylish friends, Ashley and Patrice; it catalogs trends, offers runway rundowns, and includes a healthy dose of two very real girls wearing very cool clothes. Don't just take our word for it though, check out their interview with The Baltimore Sun which (correctly) refers to them as 'a collective [fashion] force…

could well be in

One of the brilliant things about having a brother in computer science is knowing someone who can hook you up with little known sites and services, as well as a Google Voice number, before they come out of beta. (Another nice thing is 24/7 tech support - love you!) And now, dear friends, I'm passing some of my favorites on to you.

First up is Amazon's Mechanical Turk (delightfully subtitled 'Artificial Artificial Intelligence').

We all know that we can find just about anything on the internets, and we know that you can buy just about anything on Amazon, but sometimes the best results come from a little human intervention. Mechanical Turk is that human intervention. It was created to do what major corporations can't, by acting as a marketplace where people can either offer their skills or hire people to do the kind of personalized work that computers just aren't very good at doing. For example, you could hire someone to make a list of the top 20 European travel …

Mummy's Home!

Oh, my darlings! How I've missed you. (Dickie, get my coat.) I can't believe it's been 4 months already (Dickie, I said the coat.) - look how you've grown! Why, I barely recognize you all! Come, step into the sunlight so Texas can get a good look at you. What has Cordelia been feeding you? You're all skin and bones. (Dickie, are you just going to stand there, or are you going to bring the dogs in?) No, I'm not saying you look horrible, darling - you look lovely as always. I'm just saying that maybe it wouldn't kill you to have the breadsticks once in a while. No, I'm not trying to - oh, honestly, now you're just being dramatic. Oh, I'm the dramatic one? Well, I like that! If you didn't have your father's - no, I will bring him into this, because it's a matter of principle, sweetheart, and - oh, fuck it - run along and read some of these awesome lifestyle blogs and leave me with my Pimm's.
1. Life + Times (Sean Carter)
Yes, I…