Mummy's Home!

Oh, my darlings! How I've missed you. (Dickie, get my coat.) I can't believe it's been 4 months already (Dickie, I said the coat.) - look how you've grown! Why, I barely recognize you all! Come, step into the sunlight so Texas can get a good look at you. What has Cordelia been feeding you? You're all skin and bones. (Dickie, are you just going to stand there, or are you going to bring the dogs in?) No, I'm not saying you look horrible, darling - you look lovely as always. I'm just saying that maybe it wouldn't kill you to have the breadsticks once in a while. No, I'm not trying to - oh, honestly, now you're just being dramatic. Oh, I'm the dramatic one? Well, I like that! If you didn't have your father's - no, I will bring him into this, because it's a matter of principle, sweetheart, and - oh, fuck it - run along and read some of these awesome lifestyle blogs and leave me with my Pimm's.

1. Life + Times (Sean Carter)

Yes, I'm being lazy, and no, I won't apologize. This blog, unlike many, many others we could name, is an experience-rich format that introduces music, fashion, sports, and art to us through the lens of hip-hop's reigning King.

2. Vickers & Patrick (Sarah Vickers & Kiel James Patrick)

Go-to-hell pants? These two have go-to-hell everything. A series of images and photographs conveys all this power-prep duo has to say about work, culture, summer, art, and life in a neatly New England format.

3. Fa-Lo-Me (Laney Crowell)
Far be it from me to feed the beast of the Sex & the City cultural fixation, but Laney's life is as close to the real thing as one gets. At turns charming, vulnerable, cutesy, and utterly annoying, Fa-Lo-Me chronicles her forays into cooking, dating, dressing, and living the part of a self-reinventing New York City girl.

4. Kevin Kelly (Kevin Kelly)
Come here for a high-handed treatment of films, books, technology and miscellany. KK's lifestream (I mean, sure, why not - it's yours and you can call it what you want) represents the most interesting of elements that our esteemed narrator stumbles across in his daily wanderings. Expect lots of discussion of recent films, a dash of reference to new reading material, tons of photographs and video clips, and a smidge of philosophical posturing (some of it rather good).


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