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Your Weird Daily Digest: Odd or Interesting Images & News

So you're sitting at work. You're bored. You want to get connected to the world, but you're sick of checking, and the BBC uses too many big words for you to understand. Also, too few pictures.

For so long, you would have wallowed in ignorance and silence. Well, no longer: Tex and Coda are here to save you.

First, you're going to check out BuzzFeed.

After that, you're going to set a new bookmark for Dark Roasted Blend, your morning mix of interesting and odd stories from around our world.

If you're the type who's a little more image-conscious, then you're going to want to check out Frost Fire Zoo, a daily blog of funny, interesting and odd images from around the world.

If you happen to be feeling a little fancy, you can check out Unusual Life, a site that collects images and stories about all the unique homes, museums, and other institutions from around the world.

And last, but not least, we have our Ol' Faithful: Oddee, a collection of lists of O…

one week of danger

Well kids it’s fashion week in New York, which means the world’s highest paid consumers are seated in tents at Bryant Park right now while bloggers, oglers, and the odd stylist are seated behind them soaking it all in; but thanks to the internet it also means that even if you weren’t one of them you can still get all the details.

pretty much lives up to its name, as a blog about the latest goings on in the world of high fashion. Their posts are generally about models, designers, new lines, everyone ripping off everyone else's designs, the staff's crippling obsession with Gossip Girl (which I totally share), and a fun little section called ‘streetwalker’ where they stop fantastically dressed people on the street near the Fashionista office in SoHo and take their picture. The site in general can be a little pretentious and name-droppy (which makes when they get stuff wrong sort of refreshing – see the entry when they mixed up their Olsens) but they do have great insider inform…