Saturday, December 19, 2009

let it snow

Snow day! Ok, maybe it's not a real snow day since I'm no longer in school and it's a Saturday, which means most people didn't have work anyway (though our mail carrier did, and he is a champ for going out in this weather); but still, it's blizzarding here in Charm City - we had close to 20 inches around 2pm and our winter storm warning (read: huge effing blizzard) will be in effect until at least 6pm. So, in the spirit of the weather I've decided to give you the gift of the Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art Gallery:

So go on and settle down by the fire with some hot chocolate, your laptop, and your favorite pet tiger, cause even if it's not snowing where you are everyone could use a little time off from the holiday rush.

Friday, December 11, 2009

choices are tough

Hellllllllo friends, we’re back. It’s been a long five months, and we’re sure you missed us, but Tex and Coda have returned to help get you through these trying times. Also known as the holidays.

And possibly 2010, but no promises.

Since the holidays are, in fact, here (the first night of Hanukkah is tomorrow, people – I’m celebrating by getting my tree), you’re gonna have to start making a lot of decisions. Need some help with that? Let Simon Decide has you covered.

Just create a profile, answer some questions that illustrate your personality (the better to help you decide, my dear), and start making smart decisions. Once you’re registered click the large red button and let Simon help you make some good calls. Just ask a prepared question or a unique original and Simon will help you break the problem down, step-by-step. Then all you have to do is wait for Simon to analyze the info and give you his objective opinion.

Now Simon is great, but he’s not for the indecisive, so to help you sharpen your minor-decision-making skills I’ve found some cheerier practice material:

Pick One is a great warm-up, the site generates two random choices and you just have to pick the one you like best. Some of them are easy: BeyoncĂ© vs AIDS, and some are a little trickier: love vs chocolate milk. And the site averages out the top and bottom 10 choices so you can judge everyone else’s opinions.

Ready for something more advanced? Give Flickchart a whirl.

Create an account and then let Flickchart keep track as you choose between the two offered movies; as you go on Flickchart will track your favorites and keep a running list of which movies are your best-loved, statically speaking, of course.

And now that you’re a decision-making whiz you can get back to all that holiday shopping you’ve been putting off until the last minute; at least now you’ve got Simon to help you out.

By the way…this weekend is Army/Navy, so do Coda a favor and send a little love to the Mids this Saturday.