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rapper's delight

After Tex and I realized we'd accidentally led our roommate, Bootsie, to believe that I Just Had Sex is a legit rap song instead of an SNL skit, we vowed to right our wrong and properly educate her. Our first stop? Rap Genius.

Rap Genius is, for lack of a better word, pretty effing genius. They've created a rather intimidating index of rap songs (best browsed by artist) in which they've taken the liberty of explaining the subtleties of context, slang, and just about anything else that might have left a listener scratching his or her head.

Rap Genius is also the home of The Rap Map which maps locations, and gives details on, places all over the world mentioned in hip hop hymns. It's hella addictive and it's improved my somewhat tenuous grasp of New York geography dramatically.

Now as any teacher would probably tell you, learning works best when it's fun, so our next stop will be Rap Representations.

Someone clever has been turning rap lyrics into infographics an…