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party rock anthem

Tell us, dear readers, do you like being happy? Do you like meeting awesome people? Of course you do. Which is why you're gonna love the Happy Hour T&C are co-hosting with the Baltimore Social Media Club this Friday at the Leinenkugel Beer Garden in Power Plant Live.

Show up at Leinenkugel's any time between 6 and 9pm on November 18th and check in at the front under BSMC for your wristband. The special for our group will be:

- 2 for 1 on Leinenkugel Pints
- $3 Rails
- $4 Calls
- 15% off the Food Menu

Not bad, right? And don't forget to head over to the side table near the front for a name tag before your first pint. We can't wait to meet you all!

my time after awhile

Apparently blogs are supposed to be updated more than once or twice every few months, so Tex and I are making at least a lip service effort to be more consistent. Only the best for you. Today's theme isn't quite as focused as the last one was, in fact, this one could be better described as 'things I kinda dig.'

So, take some time out of your day to get lost in Frank Jacobs's blog Strange Maps.

As a primer, start with Jacobs's own map, US States Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs, then move on a metro map of French wines, a map of the world's countries rearranged by population, and what appears to be a real treasure map. But don't stop there, Jacobs has collected a fascinating, and still growing, tome that's easy to get lost in.

If you know me at all then you've almost certainly heard me rage against those scourges of urban life: cyclists (I don't care if you're saving the planet you still have to follow traffic laws like everyone el…