one week of danger

Well kids it’s fashion week in New York, which means the world’s highest paid consumers are seated in tents at Bryant Park right now while bloggers, oglers, and the odd stylist are seated behind them soaking it all in; but thanks to the internet it also means that even if you weren’t one of them you can still get all the details.

pretty much lives up to its name, as a blog about the latest goings on in the world of high fashion. Their posts are generally about models, designers, new lines, everyone ripping off everyone else's designs, the staff's crippling obsession with Gossip Girl (which I totally share), and a fun little section called ‘streetwalker’ where they stop fantastically dressed people on the street near the Fashionista office in SoHo and take their picture. The site in general can be a little pretentious and name-droppy (which makes when they get stuff wrong sort of refreshing – see the entry when they mixed up their Olsens) but they do have great insider information on sales and what the next big thing is.

For a more grounded, and entertaining, look at the world of fashion try Go Fug Yourself.
While I’m sure the site is old news for most people, if it’s new to you consider it the gift of procrastination. Jessica and Heather, along with Intern George (Clooney), post pictures of celebrities at events, openings, and pretty much anything that requires (or at least should require) formal wear and pass judgment the likes of which have not been seen since the Old Testament. Or at the very least since you last saw your exboyfriend.

But perhaps you think the denizens of Bryant Park are a bunch of overpaid hacks?
Style Shake is here to give you a chance to be your own couturier. Just design your masterpiece online, be it the perfect little black dress or your dream romper (I’m not one to judge, that’s what the Fug Girls are for), then sit back and wait about a week and a half while the pros at Style Shake put it together and send it to you. The best part is, your designs will be made according to the measurements that you put in, so there’s no need to stress about your dress being too tight in some places or too loose in others, and if you run out of inspiration you can browse other people’s designs to see if there’s anything out there you like.

Alright dahlings, get out there and make Karl proud.


Texas said…
Can we discuss what happened to your Gossip Girl post? Because I need it, stat.

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