Laughter is nature's f***ing candy.

Anyone who knows Coda & I knows that there are two things we love: Paternity Tests and laughter.

Which led us to compile the following list of sites: they're either funny or hilarious.
Get with the program.


In the Butt is a photography collection, a dynamic art piece, a representative performance of the collective - fuck it, it's vandalism. But hilarious vandalism. So it's OK. Here's the long and short of it: take a sticker that says IN THE BUTT and stick it in a hilarious place (stop signs are played out, kids), or use it to interrupt some heavy-handed corporate advertisement. What ensues? Hilarity. SFW hilarity.


Superdickery is a hilarious site collecting vintage and super-sketch strips, scenes, and covers from the Superman/Batman comic book franchise. Hilarious, and SFW if your boss has a sense of humor.


Debate raged about whether to include this site in this post, or to make it a Blog of the Month*. Fuck You, Penguin is an epic masterpiece of hilarity. It is a man amongst boys, a grand mirror that shows a normal comedy site that it is nothing more than a 14 year old's livejournal. It is NSFW. It is worth it to wait til you get home.

If you hate cute animals, but weren't ever sure quite how to tell them, then this is the site for you.

*By "debate raged", I mean "I couldn't decide."


Another masterpiece of hilarious internet randomness, Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling is classic. The game? Get one of the millions of epic pictures of Ryan Gosling emoting. Add hilarious hipsterized hack dialogue caption. Enjoy.

In the same genre, this site also links to Fuck Yeah! Anne Hathaway and Gyllenhaal Nation. However, I feel that neither of those has the same ping as the epic Ryan Gosling.

Well, that's all for today, folks. Texas is going to go work on her latest truck stop bartender drink mix, so appropriately working-titled The Ramshackle Caddy.


Coda said…
when the eff did we get twitter??
Texas said…
don't you worry about that. you just worry about which flavor of off-brand cola needs to go in a ramshackle caddy. I feel like maybe rip-off mountain dew. what the hell flavor is that, anyway?? hillbilly surprise?

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