Texas' Truck Stop Drinks: Lesson #1

Babies, Texas done gone and mixed her up some alkyhol. And because she is a generous type, she's going to share the recipe with you. Now, keep in mind, this is a drink only for the classiest among you; it is an elementary recipe, but one guaranteed to rattle your tastebuds. Get prepared for episode one of Truck Stop Bartender, featuring...

The Paternity Test! (working title)

Oh, yeaaaahhh.....

Alls you gotta do is take one part Orange Fanta and slap it in the face with one part Mogen David (or a substitute of comparable quality) Blackberry Wine and bam, baby. There it is. I'll be taking name suggestions.

+ = awesome.


Coda said…
every time i see this entry i'm still amazed at what a bad idea this is

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