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Well, I think we can all agree that telling you beautiful people we're 'finally reliable bloggers' is a bad idea. It only brings misery and neglect. Kind of like that time Tex got all noble and left me at the mercy of Dead Rise and Full House reruns.

Speaking of Full House, allow me to introduce you to Full House Reviewed.

A labor of hate, Herculean in its magnitude, Full House Reviewed is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: every episode of Full House reviewed in order. By a man who hates the show. It's hysterical, it's eye-opening (seriously, how did I fail to notice that Michelle is a tiny little dictator?), and it's well worth your time. The best news is that the fun doesn't have to stop once you're finished with the Full House recaps because Billy Superstar is still at it with Saved By the Bell Reviewed - same great entertainment, half the hate.

All that Full House talk got you jonesing for a Tanner family marathon? Totally understandable. Unfortunately, I have no idea where you can find it. But CanIStream.it does.

Continuing with our (accidental) theme of self-explanatory site names, Can I Stream (it) will tell you if and where every tv show and movie you can think of is streaming right now. The show you want isn't available for streaming? No worries. You can have Can I Stream (it) notify you when it is. And don't fret, they have an app. Because your awesome taste in movies should be as mobile as you are.

Need a little mental stimulation after that Secret Princes marathon? Check out Wait but Why.

The ultimate in procrastination sites, Wait But Why is the brain child of two friends, one of whom does an immense amount of research on whatever interests him and the other of whom panics quietly when he realizes he has no control over what his friend writes. It's a model we're pretty comfortable with here at TCKiT so we like to think of WbW as our wiser, younger, much more successful brother, who maybe pretends he doesn't know us. From explaining why sports fans are sports fans to breaking down how to beat procrastination (full disclosure: I haven't gotten around to reading that one yet) WbW is interesting and relatable in the extreme.

Yeah, you owe me one.


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