Home is where you hide your booze.

Well, lovelies, Tex has got some very big news for you. Can you -- oh, forget it, everyone hates guessing games.

I bought a house! Here in the lovely little 'burb of North Carolina* that I'm obliged to call home for the next three years, your ol' girl Tex has just picked up her very own piece of local real estate.

Now, Tex's house is coming into my life the way so many good things have: suddenly, cheaply, with absolutely no preparation, and completely naked.

So that means I've got to pick out everything: house numbers, fixtures, paint colors, exactly what vague shape I should place in my window to creep out my neighbors -- the works!

Now, Tex and Coda are deeply unqualified to do this kind of delicate work. So we've sought a little help from our friends.

My Scandinavian Home is a collection of profiles of beautiful homes in the classic and modern Scandinavian styles.

Sheepskins, modernist furniture, and tiny frightened plants barely holding ground against the all-encompassing dead white of the hinterlands abound!

Fun fact: these people comprise 87.9% of the global 'white indoor flat paint' market.

#CantStop #WontStop loving that cool scandinavian style, though. I mean, the folks showcased on Nordic Bliss will black-outline a botanical print or hang jewelry on a pair of antlers like it's their job.

Second fun fact: New citizens in Scandinavian countries are automatically issued 4 complimentary Eames chairs upon ingress.

My Friend's House is like going with your mom to visit that cool friend of hers who always wears something with fringe and has the most random things on her bottom shelf because she doesn't usually have kids over and seems like she would totally give you a sip of wine with dinner if you lived with her over the summer. It's all color and vibrancy and good humor and a little bit inappropriate, a little bit intriguing.

Get in there and get wild.

Then hop on over to visit the lovely abode of Aphro Chic, where house tours are a main feature, but the design is everywhere.

Sit down for interviews with urban homeowners to talk about what drives their unique designs -- and how they blend traditional and modern cultural mish-mash styles to make their homes gorgeous.

Then last, but hardly least (and no self-respecting hastily-written blog post would omit) -- a visit to The Inspired Room.

Equal parts tutorial and inspirational, this is the quintessential décor blog. Look at it, learn from it, and if you don't love it, keep your shitty-ass opinions to yourself. Got it? Cool.

Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!



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