maryland is for crabs

Maryland is home to so many wonderful things: Tex & Coda, the Naval Academy, those lovable O's, and of course, blue crab. No matter what lies biologists and the Discovery Channel tell you, the blue crab really is the only one worth knowing, or eating.

In that light, allow us to direct you to The Crab Guy, a blogger who, as his name implies, writes all about those delectable crustaceans native to the Chesapeake and how best to prepare them. He even has detailed instructions on how to pick crabs so you'll look like a native even if you're not.

If however, you're one of those people (and Coda is not) who prefers crab cakes to picking your own, then check out The Crab Cake Guy and find out how to make them right. By the way, making them right will not include a fryer. Ever.

If you'd like to take a more scientific approach to learning about crabs and the Bay head on over to Bay Daily, a blog about environmental issues relating to the Chesapeake and her watershed.

Lastly, check out out this BBC article about a lonely little Sally who washed up in Cornwall.

And now that you know your back fin from your apron, get out there and make the watermen proud.


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