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Baltimore is home to a surprisingly rich literary tradition: from the riots in the summer of 1812 centered around our 1st Amendment right to a free press (which also earned us the loving moniker Mobtown), to newspaperman and all around critic H.L. Mencken, the people of Baltimore have always loved expressing themselves. The golden age of journalism might be past, but Baltimore is home to plenty of verbose bloggers who can tell you all about the ins and outs of our city; um, you know, other than us.

Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! is a self-described virtual scrapbook of Baltimore curated by Charm City natives and featuring everything from local news to photo contests.

Baltimore Skyline is a similarly structured blog - giving a more personal voice to the local news, be it wonderful, awful, or just plain strange.

For a more direct link to all things Baltimore and newsy check out Inside Charm City.

Inside Charm City posts, verbatim, breaking news, press releases, interviews, and the like so you can get the story straight from the horse's mouth.

Lastly we have Baltimore Brew, a serious minded blog devoted to reporting news that the more traditional press tends to ignore.

The best part about these blogs is that so many of them invite reader participation. Got a great picture from Honfest? There's probably a home for it on Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! Wanna blog about life on the rough streets of Ruxton? Get in touch with Baltimore Brew and see if they'll give you your own neighborhood beat. You get the idea. The world is full of possibilities, so get out there and get heard.


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