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We make a lot of jokes here at TCKiT, about hipsters and sweaters and drinks made with MD 20/20, but today let's do something different. In fact, let's do something nice.

1. First up are the TED talks, and if you don't know them, then you should. The most brilliant, innovative, interesting, coolest people ever to live in our modern world get on stage with just a microphone, a powerpoint and 5 - 15 minutes to rock your world.

Among the better-known honorees: Bill Clinton, Isabelle Allende, Bill Gates, Frank Gehry, Robert Ballard, Richard Branson, Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, Dave Eggers, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking...get the idea?

2. Second to these are the videos at Stock Exchange of Visions. These are to the TED talks as the iPad is to a laptop - short, sweet, stylish, and to the point (if lacking in details). Great minds get on video and talk for 30 seconds or so about their view for the planet - some
times bewildering, sometimes brilliant, sometimes eccentric, but always interesting. And if you don't know one of the speakers, google them - you just might learn something.

3. Once your mind's been sufficiently blown, wander on over to WorldChanging and learn a little something about sustainability.

4. Now if you're inclined towards the esoteric and transcendental, then make a stop over at EnlightenNext. It's sort of like if Carl Sagan gave a talk at Esalen and Dan Millman sat in the audience, asking questions. Translation: this site & magazine are always interesting - if not always orthodox. Oh, and they get bonus points for this post.

5. So I know what you're thinking. Less talk, more world-changing paradigm shifts. Well, I'm glad you said something. Go on and check out kiva, a website - nay, community - where you can offer microloans to global entrepreneurs who are big on ideas, but low on collateral. Got $25? Well, that's all it takes. Find a person, find a place, and give a little bit. The best part? You greedy motherf----ers get it back.

Now, never one to forget the classics, I'm also going to direct you to a few more opportunities to Do Something Nice for a Change:


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