home is where the heart is

And for Tex and Coda, that's Baltimore. So we've decided to dedicate Preakness week to our beloved Charm City: all week we'll be pushing our favorite Baltimore sites and blogs, drinking heavily in anticipation of Saturday, and just generally enticing those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live here to come join the party. And, because we're so delightful we could probably talk you into just about anything, we're gonna prepare you for your inevitable visit by starting things off with a survey of our Bmore favorites (hoisted right off one of our favorite Baltimore blogs - to be named later - and edited to our exacting standards) as well as a quick link to an article in The Sun explaining the unique Mid-Atlantic culture to all you confused northerners and southerners out there.

TCKiT favorites:

Favorite Dive Bar?

◦ Tex: Windsor Inn
◦ Coda: John Steven

Favorite Weekend Bar?

◦ Tex: Waterfront Hotel
◦ Coda: Max's

Favorite Weekday Bar?

◦ Tex: XS
◦ Coda: CVP

Best Cheap Eats?

◦ Tex: Shane's Sub Shop, or Hot Tomatoes in Fells Point
◦ Coda: Towson Hot Bagels

Best Coffee?

◦ Tex:
◦ Coda: Rosina Gourmet

Favorite Breakfast?

◦ Tex: Miller's Delicatessen
◦ Coda: Miss Shirley's for breakfast, Little Havana for brunch

Favorite Lunch?

◦ Tex: Lexington Market: the soft crab sandwiches with mustard
◦ Coda: Iggy's

Favorite Dinner?

◦ Tex: tie between crabs on the porch and anything at The Ambassador
◦ Coda: crabs in the yard, or Nacho Mama's

Best View of the City?

Though we both agree that view from 395 N is nothing short of a religious experience we thought it'd be best to add a little variety, so:

◦ Tex: From the observation deck at the top of the World Trade Center in Baltimore - preferably at night
◦ Coda: From the deck of the Pride of Baltimore II

Best Golf Course?

◦ Tex: Forest Park
◦ Coda: BCC

Best Dance Club?

◦ Tex: Coburn's in O'Donnell Square
◦ Coda:

Favorite Summertime Walk?

◦ Tex: Around Druid Park Hill Lake, in late afternoon
◦ Coda: Harborwalk

Favorite Winter Hangout?

◦ Tex: Mount Washington Tavern
◦ Coda: Hamilton Tavern

All-time Favorite Oriole?

◦ Tex: Koji Uehara
◦ Coda: Brooks Robinson

All-time Favorite Raven?

◦ Tex: Ray Rice
◦ Coda: Terrell Suggs

Favorite Baltimore Musician?

◦ Tex: Tupac
◦ Coda: Billie Holiday

Favorite Baltimore Book?

◦ Tex: Dinner at the Homesick Cafe, Anne Tyler
◦ Coda: The Dawn's Early Light, Walter Lord

Most Hated Active Athlete

◦ Tex:
◦ Coda: Sidney Crosby


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