take me out to the ballgame

Well kids, Preakness is over, so as far as I'm concerned summer has officially begun, solstice be damned. And to me, as with all proper Baltimore girls, summer means only one thing: bonding with the Birds down at the Yard (not Birdland, here at TCKiT Birdland will never be accepted).

So, we're really only a month into the season at this point, and maybe the O's exponentially slow start put you off a bit. Maybe more than a bit. In fact, maybe you're just now aware that baseball season's started. Let Orioles Hangout help you get back in the swing of things.

A multi-facated site, Orioles Hangout covers the O's, their farm system, fantasy baseball, and more. Use it to find out the odds of Reimold getting bumped back up to the majors, the projected length of Roberts's stay on the DL, or just the score from tonight's game.

If, however, you want something with a little more detail and many fewer pictures, check out Oriole Post.

A blog dedicated, primarily to the O's and the MLB, which has great game analysis and regular updates on changes in the clubhouse.

Lastly, Tex and I would like to remind you all that baseball is supposed to be fun, so enjoy these links to sites that are certainly having fun with it:

The Daily Camden is a sort of online photo archive run by Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!, and featuring, you guessed it, beautiful and unique pictures of Camden Yards.

If you've been anywhere near Baltimore in the past 2 years you know who Matt Wieters is. The day he came up from the minors was something akin to a state holiday, which some clever people capitalized on when they put together Matt Wieters Facts, which is not only hysterical in its own right, but also sells some pretty incredible shirts (I just saw someone wearing this one at the game on Sunday).

Now, anyone who knows me can tell you that I don't speak Twitter, like even a little. I don't understand the whole # thing, and frankly I think half the tweets I see are like 90% unreadable, but that doesn't stop these two from being totally hysterical. The first is along the same lines as Matt Wieters Facts, FakeMattWieters is still super-Twittery, (seriously, are there conversations actually going on via Twitter? Wouldn't email be easier? Yes, I'm 95, thanks for noticing) but his 11 Commandments and commentary on other O's players are nothing short of fantastic.

Now in real life I'm sure Peter Angelos isn't nearly as awful as the semi-demonic man I sometimes imagine him to be (seriously, anyone who charges that little for tickets can't be all bad), but that doesn't stop UnPeterAngelos from being the most consistantly hysterical Twit-thing out there (sorry, Tex). Slightly more, ah, refined than FakeMattWeiters and infinitely more readable, UnPeterAngelos is bitingly funny and probably not totally inaccurate. At the very least I'm pretty sure the real Peter Angelos would agree with UnPeterAngelos's Mo'Money Mo'Problems background.

We'll see you at Yard.


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