Hipsters A-Go-Go

Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up to the blog. Yes, kiddos, Texas is back, and better than ever before, filling your life with light and happiness and awful, awful hipsters.

1. First up: the good, the bad, and the ugly at Look at this fucking hipster.

Started with facebook photos, expanded into an empire, the site lambasts hipsters like it's going out of style. Which it never will.

2. Once you've taken that in, cleanse your palate and amuse yourself over at Hipster Puppies.
It's about exactly what it sounds like - hipster puppies (Not pupsters. Never pupsters.) - in all shapes and colors. It's cute and clever, and makes you less terrified for the state of today's youth.

Now, while you're doing all this hipster research, you're probably going to want a stiff drink. Well, this isn't one, but it might get you laid at the kind of parties where people debate Eliott Smith. So enter Texas' latest truck stop drink creation:

The Hipster Roofie Slammer

One part PBR, one part blackberry pomegranate juice, a scoop of lemon sorbet gelato and a sprinkle of anathemic self-obsession and you've got it! Here, look, I've made a diagram:




Oh, the ladies are just going to love this one.

Psst. Guys. Want to know a secret? Tex and Coda fucking hate hipsters.


Coda said…
i can deny it all i want, but the ghetto drink posts are totally my favorites

at least until you finalize the ramshackle caddy, i'm not so sure how that one's gonna go over

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