today, kids, will be a make-your-own day. now, let's all sit quietly and play nice. teacher's got a hangover.

The Hero Machine Classic: Make your own superhero! It's a fun way to make yourself look completely awesome, and if you happen to have a signi-other who's a gamer/comic book geek...well, people, this baby's more handy than a cameraphone.

Afterwards, you can satisfy the little happy fat kid in all of us by becoming an M&M.

Mmm. Chocolate.

After this, you will probably be feeling fat and weird. Try designing some super cool kicks by Converse to compensate!

Oh, yeah. And you can make your own snowflake. But I honestly don't know what the hell you'd do with that.

P.S. Read the little disclaimer at the bottom: "Report offensive snowflakes"?? Who the f--- is on here cutting dirty pictures into snowflakes? Oh...wait, actually, that might be kinda funny. Be right back.


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