oh, f--- it, here's some more coolness.

alright, I got wore down and I'm doing two posts in one day. Don't get used to it.

More cool shit:

1) Virb∘is just about the coolest, best, most awesome amazing thing to ever cross the net. Believe it - I'm saying that and I'm not even on commission (...yet - wink, wink, unborn media).

2) SlothRadio's site is excellent for us OCD Mp3 tag-fixers. Perfect for all those obscure or improperly named albums in iTunes, it's a directory of about a bajillion album covers, from the early days of the American record scene to now.

3) Scribd is an awesome resource for...well, just about anyone who doesn't mind reading the typed-in version of all those books you had to buy in high school. Scribd, so far, isn't great for much else. Anybody need The Odyssey, Huck Finn, or Invisible Man? You can save yourself the $6.99 - take that, Penguin Publishing! - although, admittedly, having a dog-eared copy of Dostoyevsky holding down your TV Guide does make you look really good at dinner parties. Plus knowing that you actually read it helps ease the self-loathing. So there's that.


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