sweet, sweet music genomics

So today will be all about the music. I've got three awesome sites for you:

Musicovery is a free in-browser music player that can create playlists for you based on mood and genre. It's a great ay to listen to music when you've got internet access, but not much else. It's got a cool, futuristic layout that's really easy to use, a wide variety of music, and a smooth interface. All in all, it's just some really cool shit.

Pandora Internet Radio is the brainchild of the Music Genome Project, a group that seeks to - you guessed it - map the origins, connections, and influences of music and music genres. Here's how this works for you. Pandora plays a song. You like the song? Pandora plays more like it. You no like the song? Pandora tries again. After just a few like/no likes, it gets a pretty good approximation going of the best DJ ever in your life. There's always more work to be done, but the more you play, the more it learns. Give 'er a shot, see what you think.

A little gift for all my Mac friends: Solar Seek is like what N*pster was, before N*pster got big and the searches got filled with porn and bad links and RIAA rambos. If you want music and you want it free, this is your #1 chance at getting what you like.

Tip: Oh, and apparently, there's some kind of corresponding program for non-Mac people. Soul Seek or some other such nonsense.

Free the Music!


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