please, people, talk amongst yourselves

So I spend 64% of my time pretending to be wise, intellectual, and just generally not woefully unprepared for graduate school. However, I spend the other 26% of my time reading gossip blogs and telling people about Brangie's new vacation spot in Cabo. (I spend the other 10% drinking.) Yes, yes, it's true. I am a fucking trash-media junkie. So now that it's all out in the open, I can tell you about four of my favoritest gossip hotspots ever, in obsession order.

1. If People Magazine were the Queen Mother, Hello! was the unceasingly irrelevant girlfriend of whichever son, and UsWeekly was the poor showing of Camilla, Dlisted would take over England, fire them all, and hire on Michael K. to do its writing.

Dlisted is some serious coolness - it's clever, catty, easy on the big words but hard on the pop culture references, it manages to be trashy without seeming trashy, and it's a definitive source for all things Hollywood (and beyond!). It's also an equal opportunity blogger, an attribute disturbingly difficult to come across in this day and age. I honestly had to give up Dlisted one year for Lent. Fuck, that was hard.

2. If Dlisted took over England, Bossip would be the stately black empress calmly reporting on it all. Bossip mixes legitimate news about the black community and you-might-want-to-know tidbits with celebrity gossip, all touched with a pretty gentle hand. Don't expect the profanity-laden boob-ogling you'd get from other sites. A breath of fresh air, and a blog you don't have to feel guilty about reading.

My favorite segment? When The Checks Stop Coming In.

3. Hand in hand with Bossip comes Lossip, a Latin gossip blog with an equal air of class and an equal dosing of real stuff and trash talk.

4. Last, but surely not least, Crunk & Disorderly, another black gossip blog that promises the freshest stuff around. It's hysterical, uncensored, and (most of the time) exactly what you were thinking. It's like sitting next to that one hilariously on-point person who's talking through an incredibly boring show. You can also find here stuff like video and music that Bossip does a little less of. Equally great, and greatly equal. Fuck. There's a cricket in my room. I gotta go.


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