i'm back, bitch!

OK, so sorry about yesterday - I was too sick, no post. Which means you get a double whammy today: a retroactive cool post, and an Awesome Blog of the Week (tm) post!

You can go to Overheard in New York to submit weird, funny, crazy, insightful, and faith-in-humanity-destroying quotations that people next to you say on the streets! It gets updated about 6 million times a day, so it'll even keep up the most boring day at your desk ever.

Tip: Also check out Overheard in Athens, one that's a little more suited to the college crowd, and Eavesdrop DC, for all you snooty Districtarians.

Then, if you are not in a library/funeral/the cubicle closest to your boss' office, you can check out some movie trailers over at Apple Trailers:

From the same fine folks who screwed you on your iPhone purchase.

Last, but not least, here's some coolness for my engineering/architecture/computa sciencez friends (shout out to the Bill Collector!):

Go here to design your dream home, settle plans for your prized pre-owned cattle ranch, streamline your sexy Miami apartment, or just kind of figure out how you're going to fit a futon into your fashionable New York closet.


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