hilarity and tasteless time-wasting

To start:

McSweeney's Internet Tendency is the online home of the McSweeney's quarterly literary journal, and it is fifty-seven kinds of awesome. It is filled with current events, interesting articles, and fresh&delicious fiction writing. Best of all, it's effin' hilarious. Plus it makey Tex feel smart.

Tip:Try starting with the Short Imagined Monologues.

Also check out:

Urban75's Useless Games is an entire page of the best worst days to waste your time. Go ahead, sign on. Play tic-tac-toe with George Bush and a monkey. You know you want to.

P.S. Urban75 itself is a UK-based site about all things cool in the United Kingdom - football, music, drugs, technology, drugs, news, and drugs. It's also got a New York info site, full of club listings and decent party scenes, and it gives the same treatment to London and Brixton proper.

Tip: Check out their Panoramas section for some awesome photographs of familiar cityscapes.


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