writing is hard. like, hard, man.

Alright, so I've had a one week sabbatical now because it's proposal-writing time. Pretty much every person I've ever known wants a copy of my thesis proposal and they want it now. So I've been writing nonstop, sleeping 4 hours at the time, and quietly crying in front of the departmental coffeemaker.

Fall's a stressful time - time of changes! So here are some things you (and maybe, maybe, one day, me) can do as a little mouse-click woosah:

Remember the Pollock scribbler? Well, this is for those of you who liked the art of creation, but were too OCD and neo-classicist to actually enjoy it.

And this is for you scenesters who were too ironic and self-aware to enjoy either one of those. Here. Go play with a lite-brite.

The IONS Psi Arcade is a bunch of mind-relaxing little fun games you play that were totally created by that one kid with the book at recess who was all "why do we have to throw the ball at each other? why can't we just share its existence?"
They're also supposed to amp up your intuition, which couldn't hurt. Start with the Garden Game.

In conjunction with that, go and chill out listening to some nature sounds. I was all about pretending that the gentle sound of waves rocking me to sleep wasn't getting to me and then suddenly I was thinking about balloons and the Buddha and the peaceful sway of trees in the breeze. Fucking relaxing ass nature.


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