alright, alright, settle down

So it's been a few since my last post...honestly, between Stats 651, drinking, and trying to track down my advisor, I've been a bit busy. But don't worry, bitches, you no longer must be lonely and uncool - I'm back!

I assume you all have a virb page, have made superheroes of yourself, cut out snowflakes, read McSweeney, painted like Jack the dripper, and bought yourself a fine-fittin' pair of zafu-recommended jeans. Therefore, friends, today I will broach a topic heretofore untouched among us. Yes, today will be all about the sexy sex.

First up:

Boinkology is a pretty nifty little site run by some pretty smart girls and guys, and it's a very egalitarian place to get your daily sexy-sex tip or article. Not for the kiddies, but generally a pretty tame design.

Second, go read some hilarity/tough advice over at:

Dan Savage writes a weekly sex advice column that also appears in City Paper in Baltimore & D.C.; he's harsh and hysterical and 99% of the time, unapologetically right.



Fourth, take the Sex ID test over at the BBC's science & nature division:

Then spend some time just wandering around the Human Body & Mind section, because honestly? It is a really cool site. Plus you might learn something.


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