hey! that's the thingy for the smart people!

Alright, kids. Enough sexy sex. Time for thinking. Get your workday started off right, with a visit to:

Anabubula.com is a cool collection of random things to improve your workday, from mind mapping software to cool ass things like the Mp3 Coffee Replacement! That's right, just crank this baby up and apparently, it wakes you up just like a cup o'joe - only without the caffeine crash or crippling starbucks addiction.

Speaking of mind maps, though, which are a pretty flexible and awesome way to organize your thoughts, check out:

Mindmeister is a free (if you do basic, which I did.) online mindmapping system. Just log in, jot down your thoughts, and come back to it at a later time, or on a different computer. I particularly like the zeitengeistenswizzenmeisterken or what the fuck ever widget/button, which basically lets you automatically add a random thought to an open project, or just a blank sheet. Nice.

Then, when all the time you spend on Cracked reading about the top ten worst band names of all time, or making yourself into a superhero, or looking at funny pictures of cats or however you choose to waste your workday starts to feel like...well, like a waste, hop on over to:

The Mensa Workout is a cool smart-making non-time-wasting way to kill an hour or so, and you'll probably feel stupid more than once during the test (fuck Prime Numbers!) but don't worry - it's worth it. You make yourself smarter, you make the world a better place. It's like adding four more people to your monkeysphere.


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