anchored's aweigh

Once again, Coda and I have fallen madly in love - and it's serious. This time, we're wild over the up-and-coming line from Anchored Style, a nautical-prep design line out of the Sunshine State.

Now, keep in mind, kids, that this is the first time Coda and I are endorsing a non-Baltimorean brand; 'tis a rare honor, indeed, but one that we stand behind.

As you may or may not have guessed, C and I spend most of our time drinking very strong liquors on very expensive boats. Further, we share a definite affinity for that most genteel of sartorial pursuits: the post-sail prep style, from which Anchored draws its major inspiration.

Peruse the site now; the brand's still evolving, but you can get in on the ground floor with a salt wash hat and then shake your head at all the suckers still fading their Mount Gays on their own. Play some Jimmy Buffett, stick a coozie on your Red Stripe, and luxuriate in the knowledge that although the best boats are someone else's, the best shirts are your very own Anchoreds.

Our current DC/Baltimore/Annapolis-appropriate favorite? The Sail Bag.

The girls at the club will be so jealous.


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