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For those of you who are like me and just got terribly depressed when they realized that winter won't be ending any time soon I'm here to offer my solidarity and a healthy dose of distraction; neither of which will involve blackberry wine and orange Fanta.

First up: TV. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t be happier about the end of the writer’s strike, and while I count down the seconds until the new Office episodes begin I feed my John Krasinski addiction on Sidereel.

Sidereel might have its faults (the wait for a show to load can be longer than some of my classes), but I love it for being one of the final holdouts against those bastards at the RIAA – all the shows on Sidereel are both free of commercials and charge.

For those of you who’d like to like to turn your attention in a more musical direction start with Deezer.

Deezer lets you stream music from their impressive database, and if you become a member (sign up is free) then you can create and save your own playlists to keep coming back to. If commitments aren’t your thing then you can just stream music, sans playlist and registration and be happy with your freedom.

As for me, I've been playing on Pandora for awhile and just realized I've been listening to a station based on Sugar Magnolia for about two hours, so if you'll excuse me I have to go wash off the e-patchouli before I feel the need to start a revolution.


Anonymous said…
e-patchouli. Hee.
adam said…
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Fellow readers of Achewood, The Daily Coyote, Cute Overload AND Pippi Picks? What are the goddamned odds?
Texas said…
cuh-razy. how'd you find our blog, adam? btw, you win the important distinction of being our first not-already-forced-to-read-this-by-virtue-of-a-preexisting-relationship blog reader! yay!

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