So then I says to Mabel, I says....

Social networking is the theme of the day, people, and with that in mind, I'm bringing you three massively cool sites which are sure to thrill and tittilate. Is that how you spell tittilate? titilate? ttitttilatte? titillate? titalte? Whatever, it gets your nips hard.

First up:, a site so similar to an awkward conversation with your great aunt that you can only imagine it would suck the shine off a steering wheel. However, an idea that sounds incredibly lame (anyone can log in and make their guesses about the weather) actually ends up being pretty cool. You can predict the weather, share what you're going to wear today, and share with others in the ridicule of that asshole in shorts in New York in November. Awesome.

Now, sounding cool but actually turning out really lame? Twitter, a social networking site that lets you write mini-blogs (basically just an expanded version of the facebook status) at every minute of the day to let your needy friends/creepy exes/horny coworkers know exactly what you are doing, thinking, and feeling, right now. But hey, maybe you like being the star of an emotional burlesque. Yeah, no, that's like, totally fine.

Ah, ok, that's better. Next up is This Next, a really cool user-generated site that puts together what's new and sexy the world around. Mostly it's about stuff to buy, like this awesome Pistol Hair Dryer, but click around a bit and you might find some cool ideas for other stuff as well. Love the site, love the design. Love this free Nutella sample I'm eating. That's right. Be jealous. I'm just living the dream.


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