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Alright, people. It's a sad, lonely, cold world out there, and me and Duckie get depressed reading all your facebook pages. So, to help ease your suffering and stop the incessant pathetic status updates, we've compiled a sexy list of three better ways you could waste your time whining online:

Crazy Blind Date is the brainchild of the people who brought you OK Cupid!, a semi-interesting internet dating site that stands out in the sea of online hookupery only due to its entertaining quizzes which tell people more about you.

With Crazy Blind Date, you sign up for a crazy blind date with someone from your area - you don't get to read profiles, you don't get to see pictures, you don't get to spend countless hours agonizing over whether or not you should even be doing this (well, actually, you do. they haven't fixed that part yet). You just show up, show your face, and have a real nice time. It could either go horribly or really, really well. Ultimately, it all depends.

If you're less adventurous but just as lonely, you can try WooMe, a new online speed-dating site that requires a webcam to join. No more wondering whether the person you're talking to is secretly 45, ugly, fat, or only halfway a man! You get five dates in five minutes, and initial reviews look decent. WooMe is still in beta testing, but if you're absolutely desperate for an invite, you can go to Tech Crunch and see if they'll give you one.

Last but not least, if you're both lonely and have a crippling (or not, to you) superiority complex, check out Intellect Connect, a site that is exactly what it sounds like. It's a place for snooty kind-of-cute-in-a-dorky-way people like yourself to put up a profile, meet other smarties, and chat. It offers profiles with such questions as "What is your favorite literary work?" and has about a thousand girls who think they most resemble Elizabeth Bennett. Thanks, again, Jane.


New York said…
i love the word hookupery......

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