the one where we entered a Su Casa contest

Kids, gather round.
KIDS. I said  'gather round.'
Jameson, Cooley, Tulla, Whinnie, Deanston, Cutty - get in here.
Mummy wants you to look at something.

Now then

A few weeks ago, Tex was engaging in her usual Friday night routine - slamming whiskey with state officials, cursing incompetent aurifabers, and sexually harassing off-duty astronauts - when she stumbled upon the Test It. Blog It. Win It. contest being held by furniture moguls Su Casa

Now, drunk Tex loves contests like drunk Coda loves starting fights with Steelers fans. So naturally we entered, and will be blogging our merry little lives away for the next few weeks. (Settle down, Cooley, love - this won't affect our summer plans at all. We're still going to see your little friends play in their soccer game or whatever.) And in the interest of full disclosure (and in an effort to teach you some semblance of good taste in home decor), we're going to share our adventures with Su Casa in all their gory, gin-soaked gloriousness.

We naturally figured the best place to start would be at the beginning: with our illustrious application.


From: Tex and Coda <>
Subject: Blogger Application


Name: Tex and Coda
State: Maryland
Blog URL:
Furniture Preference: Bar

Why is your blog a good place to showcase your furniture preference?
Our blog's a great place to talk about bar furniture - mostly because our readers (and ourselves) spend quite a bit of time there. Our home bar's been carefully stocked, and we post new drink recipes ~1x/month. Granted, our recipes are at best alarming and at worst wildly irresponsible, but what's a little vodka-and-grain alcohol between friends?

Show off your blogging skills: Describe the dinner you had last night.
Honestly, it was mostly gin. There was some sort of a meat involved, too - steak? Veal? Long pork? I remember hooves being mentioned. Okapi? Horse? Good god, I hope it wasn't horse. If I ate a horse, my kids are *never* getting in to Princeton. Let's just say gin and potatoes; vegetarians are popular this year. This isn't going to print, right?


I'm certain you can see why they chose us.


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