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I don't wanna brag or anything, and I certainly don't want to jinx our current streak, but it looks like Tex and I are on our way to becoming reliable updaters. So with that in mind, I'm posting 2012's first Awesome Blog of the WeekMean Girls of Panem. And kids, I promise you will not be disappointed by what happens when the Burn Book meets the Girl on Fire.

A tumblr that combines my two favorite things so seamlessly? One that's replete with Tina Fey's sense of humor and Katniss's attitude? It could only be the work of fate (or maybe just one awesome girl). And even if it's not destiny, well, it's definitely my new favorite way to lighten up a heavy hour or two. (And yes, you read that right, Mean Girls and The Hunger Games are my two favorite things.)

So hurry up and add the tumblr to your RSS reader, follow Mean Girls of Panem on Pinterest, and admit to yourself that Mr Katniss Everdeen is never got going to be funny. Never.


One of the reasons I was so compelled to do an Awesome Blog of the Week about Mean Girls of Panem is because its author doesn't pull any punches. She was rightfully appalled when critics started calling Jennifer Lawrence fat, and I was so impressed by her response that I contacted her and asked if she'd thought about addressing the horrifying, racist comments people have been making about the two black actors who were cast as Rue and Thresh, respectively. Renee and I agreed that the backlash against casting Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi was both abhorrent and ridiculous; we also mutually wondered if any of those assholes had left their e-Klan rallies long enough to actually read the book.

And then this happened:

Guys. My friend crush totally noticed me! 


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