let's hear it for the boy

Hello again, friends. Coda's back to brighten your day(s) by doing what can more-or-less be called a double issue Awesome Blog of the Week! Was that a thrilling lead up or what? Need a minute to catch your breath? No worries, I'll wait.

Sadly it's not a true double issue, because one of the sites is so amazing it's already been featured here before, but since they're something of a matched set, and it's not like we've done a proper double issue ABotW before anyway, the TCKiT Council has deemed it acceptable. Oh, you didn't know about the Council? Well you do now. Adjust accordingly.

First up is our repeat offender, Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling. Still consistently hilarious, enjoy the updates and then enrich your experience by watching not one, but two videos of Ryan Gosling reading some of the memes out loud. And remember: just because he has the good grace to be mortified by the whole thing doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. At the very least, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying the fairly excellent one he came up with.

Still jonsing for another fix of the Baby Goose? Head on over to Feminist Ryan Gosling, where you can enjoy everyone's favorite meme, now with a delightfully enlightened twist.

Or just come hang out with us - we'll be watching Golden Girls later.


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