You Need Retail Therapy

So being broke makes Texas want to shop. Sick, right? Well, in vain hope that my little dance around the internet will make it rain, I am presenting to you Texas' top 5 shopping sites. They are, in order:


Uncrate is the coolest little mens' shopping guide since Esquire got pages. It lists cool stuff by category, gives price in the lower left corner, and always finds the hottest before it's hot. I like to shop here for watches and cool tools. However, if you're more interested in engaging your feminine side...


Outblush is the sister site of Uncrate, and although the more enlightened women among us will find it a little difficult to swallow (women don't even have a category for watches, let alone tools (although "gadgets" is offered), it's overall a cool site, designed in the same style as its masculine counterpart.


I know I've already posted about ThisNext, but that's how much I love it - I'm telling you again. This is a really cool site, where people can join, make lists of their favorite things, mark them by level of necessity, and then aggregate those recommendations with other people's to make lists about what the Next Cool Thing is. I love it, I'm addicted to it, and I check it religiously before I buy. (There are some great watch recommendations on there!)


If you don't know Overstock by now, you should. It's like an outlet version of, with everything on sale from 15% - 92% off. After I check ThisNext to help me decide what I'm going to buy, I go and look for it here. Check out the watches section (can you see I've got a theme?) for some awesome deals on amazing stuff.


A new discovery by me, NOTCOT is a nifty little site that's very similar in some respects to Uncrate/Outblush, but is more fashion-general and offers less in the way of guidance about actual purchases. It's visually well-designed, although not always the easiest to use.

Well, kids, you've got a little of the daily roundup of random cool shit about shopping. Hope this helps you in your life quest to buy a Dolce bag/order flowers online/save $100 grand for your children/buy a giraffe. Laters!


Coda said…
like watches do we?
Anonymous said…
i love notcot! such a great site. their notcouture site is great, too.

have you checked out it's one of those online sample sale sites but without needing an invite. you just sign up.
Texas said…
actually, I have! I love HauteLook, and I think I mentioned it before...lemme check. If I didn't, it's in the next post (or one soon coming).

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