Texas Loves Travel: Tripwolf Invites & Vayama

I'm in love with a new site:

It's an awesome little travel site meets social networking site. It's Lonely Planet meets Facebook, and I am loving it. On the site, you can create a page, make lists of your favorite places, best and worst travel experiences, etc. You can also make recommendations to other readers, network and coordinate travel, check out trip reviews, and even keep an interactive map/journal of your own experiences!
Best of all? It's free. Love it.

Leave me a note in the comments if you want an invite!


The best site I've found so far for international travel search. Like Kayak, it searches multiple carriers' websites at once, so you really can find some fantastic deals. I use it whenever I buy flights to get my second opinion.

My first opinion, however, still comes from:

Kayak is the best travel search website that I've found so far. It reliably provides low prices, it searches multiple carriers, and it's fast and simple, requiring only one browser window to open (I'm looking at you, Booking Buddy). I love it. Check it out!

Alright, you lazy sonsofguns - get out there and do something! Go somewhere! Be somebody!


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