Show me (or a reputable charity of your organization's choice) the money!

Good morning, babies. Texas is back at work and back in Texas. Fortunately, I had a spectacular winter break, so that means I'm starting out the day feeling charitable. And greedy. Hence, this:

Join up at Moola to play fun, free online games. The site is ad-supported, so there's a buttload of commercials everywhere you look, but the games are pretty awesome and more importantly, you can win money! You start with a free, site-given penny, then build your way up by doubling it on each win. At eleven dollars, you can cash out!

Now, that is not to say that I am all about building my stacks/stacking my cash. Sometimes I like to use my furious finger-clicking skills to help out the little guy. This is why my homepage is set to Search Kindly. It's a website where, through your everyday google searches (pineapple hat, pictures of Mount Everest, Welshman dating, drawing scooby doo), you can donate funds to a charity or non-profit organization. Yeah, that's right. Do something nice for a change.

Now, normally, I love a trifecta. However, money making sites are hard to come by these days, so I'm just going to direct you to LiveMocha, a free online site with a whole new video-integrated concept platform for learning a new language! Check it out, people. Treat yourself. Then next summer, we can pick up sexy guys at a bar together in Swapandarenchese. ($3 Prize to anyone who can name all the languages in that)


Aseem said…

I am part of the community team at LiveMocha. Thanks for mentioning us in your post. I would love to hear more about your experience with the site. How did you find us?