Texas' Holiday Clusterf--- of Cool Shit

OK, so usually I try to keep things in a theme, which I am sure you people appreciate because you are relatively classy individuals. However, today, I am so inundated with really cool shit that I can barely walk, let alone organize it into a simplified theme. With that in mind, I give you:

Meebo, a website where you can go and, with absolutely no obligation or messy downloads, logins, or extra windows, use your AIM, Yahoo! messenger, GoogleTalk, MSN messenger, or ICQ in-place. It's awesome for if you happen to be at work, or in a library or the computer section of a BestBuy or something like that.

GrandCentral by Google is a website that lets you register a phone number in any part of the US, then have your calls forwarded through that number to a number of your choice. Allows for great consolidation - the only downside is that your callers will be required to state their name before the call will even connect. If you call that a downside.

ELDUB is a random, cool, visually appealing blog that seems to serve no putative purpose whatsoever. However, it is pretty motherf---ing cool.

Treasure My Text is a site that lets you (for a fee) store your text messages, picture messages, voicemails etc. in an online lockbox. Perfect for all you stalkers and seriously obsessed ex-girlfriends out there who want to relive the glory years. Psychos.

ShareAPic.net is a really cool and well-designed site, not to be confused with shareapic.com, which is a really weird/empty site if you go to it. Anyway, ShareAPic.net is apparently founded with the same idea as Flickr, that photo site with the fish, Facebook photo albums, and the little cardboard boxes that your pictures come in when you pick them up from Kmart. Except their little cardboard boxes also contain loads of cash. That is, when you upload pictures to ShareAPic, you get credits for the amount of clicks you get. Translate those clicks into cash and you've got yourself some essentially free moola. And all it cost you was your privacy. Mmmm.

OK, for the next one, let's say you are going to a dinner party hosted by yours truly. Perhaps you are standing next to the farm-raised and ethically-fished mahi mahi sampler table when a hottie hottie boombalottie comes up to you and starts talking away. Well, you don't want to look stupid, and you definitely don't want to seem too drunk. However, this hottie is babbling away in smarty-talk. You did your undergrad in English. You've got no idea what the f--- this little hottie is saying. You know it will only matter for fifteen minutes or so, until you can find an empty bathroom, but dammit, you want to make those fifteen minutes count. Luckily, the National Science Foundation has given us the perfect answer:

Science Buzz is a fun and fresh website where you can learn a little or a lot about science in a quick and orderly fashion. Visit it for fun, or if you just want to feel smart, or are trying to get laid today. Whichever. I won't judge.


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