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Well kids, Coda's had a crap couple of weeks but that doesn't mean I have to (continue to) be derelict in my duties to all of you. With that in mind I'd like to present you with a post that's three parts hilarity, one part rage and disappointment (much like life).

First up is Hipster Hitler.

Assuming you have a somewhat irreverent sense of humor, and if you enjoy this blog that's a pretty good assumption, you'll be able to appreciate Hipster Hitler for what it is: a stroke of brilliance. Like The Producers for the webcomic-reading, hipster-hating set. From the punny tshirts and recasting of Stalin as a frat boy and Mussolini as a guido, to Hitler as the mightiest hipster of all time, it's a can't miss.

Next we'll delve into the philosophical with the brilliant existential experiment Garfield Minus Garfield.

Turns out if you take Garfield out of his own comics all you have left is Jon. A bleakly hilarious Jon.

Continuing on our philosophical adventure, we arrive at Nietzsche Family Circus.

The potential here was endless: randomly pair a Nietzsche quotation with a Family Circus panel and enjoy the unexpected dichotomy. Not only does it live up to its potential, but two also fit surprisingly well; and it definitely makes the sanctimonious adventures of the Family Circus more bearable.

Now I'm gonna send you off with a smidge of rage, because, you know, life. So without further ado, enjoy Tea Party Jesus.

Pictures of Jesus Christ have been adorned with speech bubbles featuring some of the more horrendous things our evangelical politicians and pundits have been saying lately. If you're curious about who the original speaker was just click on the picture and you'll be linked to the news story the quotation came from.

In case you wondered, it's stuff like this that has the Team America theme song running through my head virtually every second of every day


I swear we wrote about Garfield minus Garfield before, didn't we? No matter - it's still damn funny. You know what's missing, though? Animals being dicks.

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