orioles magic

After following the O's to DC on Sunday to watch them beat the Natnals I only had one real regret: my Protect this Yard shirt hadn't come yet.

Think of Protect this Yard as a Wild Bill Hagy for the 21st century: a superfan both in life and on twitter (with a gift shop to boot). PTY's online store is stocked with clever shirts that feature both current Baltimore athletes and past legends. They've also got some pretty fantastic customer service, so if you see a shirt you love that's not available in women's sizes yet, tweet them or send them an email to see if they have any plans to change that. Even the players seem to love them, which means next time you run into Jake Arrieta you'll be able to use your GI Jones shirt as an ice breaker. Actually, you might have to come up with something else, cause I'm calling dibs on that one right now.


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