philosophy of the world

So, as Tex mentioned, we've been sort of busy. I, for example, am currently training to secure the title of 'fastest staple-puller in the west,' the competition is steep but I didn't major in philosophy for nothing. And as it turns out, neither did these guys.

Dead Philosophers in Heaven might sound a little doubtful to anyone who doesn't own three different translations of the Nicomachean Ethics, but rest assured the humor doesn't require a BA in Pragmatism to enjoy it. If, however, you find yourself in need of some guidance there's a helpful, and hopefully growing, collection of philosopher trading cards that list strengths (Karl Marx: comprehensive description of just how utterly fucked we are), weaknesses (Frederich Nietzsche: syphilis, German), secret weapons (Plato: terrible conversational skills, massive state violence), and other helpful facts to keep the material relevant to those who studied...something employable.

So get out there and start examining that life of yours with the help of our newest Awesome Blog of the Week.


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