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Over the past five years Tex and I would like to think you've gotten to know us pretty well. You know we hate hipsters, love Ramshackles, and that we have a preppy streak a mile wide. And that preppy mile of ours? It's paved in grosgrain.

Ever since the tragic shredding of my favorite ribbon belt from high school (faulty D-rings, it's still hard to talk about) I've been on the hunt for something new to love. And I'm happy to report that I've found it. About a week or two ago we received a package from our giveaway partner in crime and, kids, its contents have brought us nothing but joy.

We've gone on record before about our affinity for Chesapeake Ribbons, but now we're walking the walk, as well. I've worn my new favorite belt every single day since receiving it, and not one of those days has passed without getting at least one compliment on it. I'm telling you, this stuff is cute.

So what did we get? Glad you asked. We'll start with my beloved belt:

Pink flamingos, naturally. They're a Baltimore classic. And if you want to lighten the belt up a little, you can do what I did and request pink webbing behind the ribbon instead of blue. It's a much brighter look, perfect for the warm months ahead.

This is one of the Chesapeake Ribbons Gift Sets - a line of presents for the wee prep in your life. This particular set features a tiny little belt and pacifier clip, Tex gave it to some friends of hers so their son could be stylish even in his earliest years.

With bright colors and a pretty pattern, this key fob had us from hello. Currently it's being used as intended, but ever since I stumbled across this post on the Chesapeake Ribbons blog, I can't help thinking that maybe I'd like it even better as a luggage tag.

As if all of this weren't great enough, it turns out Chesapeake Ribbons also a charitable organization, which means when you support it, you're also supporting autism awareness groups, cancer research institutions, and children’s cancer organizations. You can't get much better than that.


Ashley said…
oh! i love the luggage tag idea! i think i'll use mine that way!
Tex said…
I packaged little Teddy's belt-and-bib-clip set with a miniature lacrosse stick, just to be safe. (His parents are from Florida and Virginia, so Lord knows what sport they were planning on letting him play)

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